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Hikari HX8V, a technology-breakthrough product is lanuched

December 08, 2021

Since the creation of the global intelligent overlock sewing machine, the "Hikari" overlock sewing machine has been in the leading position in the industry.


More importantly, Hikari keeps using updated technology and always maintains its leading position. Although they have been imitated by others, they have never been surpassed, and they have always been praised as "Fast and easy to use".


Now, the sewing machine manufacturing industry originally believed that after the addition of stepper motors and IOT technology, the upgrade technology of overlock sewing machines has reached the peak of technology in recent years.


However, Hikari, which focuses on new technology and automation, is about to launch a strong global computerized overlock sewing machine as key product: HX8V.


Why is it called the key product in the computerized overlock sewing machine?


Because it has once again achieved a huge improvement in sewing quality, it has solved the problem of thread tension that is embarrassing in the industry.


If we say that the previous overlock sewing machine, the main competition is the sewing speed, which is fast and stable.


Today, the HX8V released by Hikari, while sewing at a high speed, regards the sewing quality as an important indicator of the hard power of competing products. That is to compare which product has more beautiful and smooth stitches. Moreover, with the continuous improvement of consumers' quality of life, garment manufacturers must continue to respond to consumers' pursuit with higher quality sewing quality.


Hikari blessed HX8V with its unique patented technology, directly promoted the computerized overlock sewing machine to the key role of the global overlock sewing machine, updated its technology, maintained its leading position, and demonstrated its status as a national product.


What breakthroughs did HikariHX8V bring? In essence, HX8V redefines the flatness of the fabric, the "width" of the tension of the thread clip device, and the technical thickness of Chinese fad sewing equipment.