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Hikari is truly responsible to users, and Hikari provides active services throughout the market

January 04, 2022

Regardless of whether it is one, two, or hundreds or thousands, Hikari launched the "Hikari Service festival True Feeling Feedback" in November. It enters thousands of factories and conducts comprehensive maintenance of Hikari products.

Letting customers use each Hikari machine well is not a slogan.


The "Service festival" launched by Hikari this time is very popular in various regional markets in China. It makes customers feel that using Hikari products is not only "fast and easy", "the more you use, the better you can use". There is also a very attentive 100% service.


Hikari knows well that the market was hot in the first half of the year, many factories were full of orders, and workers worked overtime to catch up with the delivery time. Many production lines are newly launched this year, and they purchase Hikari's new products. Workers do not know enough about the performance of some of the machines during use, or they just focus on accelerating production, and do not pay attention to product maintenance. After the machine has been used for a period of time , There may be some problems.


How to make customers feel relieved and worry-free, escort the production of enterprises, and keep Hikari machines in excellent operating conditions?


Thinking about what customers think and alleviating their worries, Hikari immediately launched a service festival event in November.


Facts have proved that if you think about problems and provide solutions from the perspective of customers, you will naturally receive enthusiastic responses from customers.


This "Service festival" event allowed more users to experience Hikari's "lean" craftsman spirit and provided them with higher-quality machines.

At the same time, Hikari collects and solves the problems reported by customers in the process of use. It also allows Hikari, who focuses on new technologies, to be keenly aware of the future product needs of users.