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Gaining orders from “Hikari service festival” is a good reply of Customer Satisfaction Index Investigation.

January 05, 2022

In order that customer can make a good use of every machine, Hikari hold a service festival in November, 2021. Are the customers satisfied with Hikari machines? The answer is obviously yes!

Lots of repeated orders and increasing quantities of products all over the China witnessed the success of “Hikari Service Festival”. In some areas, new-built sample workshops also showcase the effectiveness of Hikari Brand.

Hikari, focused on new technology, provides not only high quality product, but also satisfactory services for users.

For examples, because of tight time, Hikari arranged special service team to work over time to help customers complete the building of production line, even on holidays, the team still took customer’s request as priority. The team always offered the first-time service and solution no matter when the staff met the unfamiliar situation or the customer reflected the questions.

As the Chinese high-end brand of sewing machine,famous for its new technology and associated with well-known parts, Hikari takes its position when compare with other international first well- known brands. Hikari, keeping focusing on new technology, will still broadcast China- made technology in the future global sewing machine market.