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Hikari made him as the celebrity of Chinese Swimming City.

January 08, 2022

If you want to buy sewing machines, who will you turn for? Which brand will be your first choice? Answering the above questions will aroused a heated debate.

However, in Xingcheng City (Liaoning Province), the answer is fixed and without any controversy, it is the agent of Hikari, Mr. Wang Tao.

According to Mr. Rao Hongjun, the director of national sales department, Mr. Wang tao is good at sewing machine maintenance technology, and familiar with different sewing machines in different brands. Besides, expert in making swimming clothes, Wang tao always helps other factories solve problems during manufacturing process.

As a master of sewing technology, Wang tao spares no effort to focus on the sales and service of sewing machines. He always works in front line and make his own contribution to the evolution of sewing technology.

In nowadays, Wang tao’s suggestion is much valuable when buying sewing machines. All the famous swimming clothing factories choose Hikari in Xingcheng City.

Cooperating with Hikari, it can be as the old saying goes--Heroes always know and cherish each other, it’s a win-win choice. Years of market accumulation and reputation accumulation made Wang tao as a celebrity or a name card of sewing machines, which attracted so many companies to buy the machines even with cashes. Hikari, occupied 60% of the market in Xingcheng City, will keep providing newer technology and higher quality.

Over the years, except the consistent updating of technology, the sincere cooperation between Hikari and agents gives Hikari and agents their own charming, and makes them win-win.