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Fighting with Top Brand in the world, Hikari is the winner

January 09, 2022

In fact, the development of Chinese intelligent manufacturing become stronger and stronger.

In recent years, in sewing equipment, some new technology are updated from Chinese brand instead of other top brand in the world, even more they are becoming copy Chinese new technologies now.

From 2006, Hikari who owned several Innovative technology in the world, and two model of them are always copy by other local and world brands, even more copy our production’s color and out looking.

Since Hikari marked “Chinese Innovative”in sewing industrial, more and more garment company use Hikari machine and replace their world brands,  not only advanced technology but also quality, they are giving more and more believe in “Chinese Innovative”.

From this year, in Viet nam and several other market, Hikari compete with other world brands, although sometimes got winners and sometimes got lost, but Hikair machine get increasingly popular as well.

Regarding high quality production, Hikari target is not only be Chinese High-end brand, but also be World High-end brand in the coming future. In 2015, Hikari, who was awarded the title of Chinese national brand in the sewing machine industry, and would continue to write the brand's national glory with innovation.